Setting the Record Straight

The Educational Enrichment Package

The President of these United States of America has said we are in a "new kind of war." A major part of this struggle is being fought right here in the homeland. Knowing our nation's history, building respect for those that have sacrificed so much in the past, and learning how much our heritage and values count will play an essential role in winning this new kind of war. However, much of the material that is currently available to high school students actually serves to discourage them from taking an active role in defending our country and our freedoms by disparaging military service and depreciating the sacrifices of millions of Americans. Now you can help win the battle to educate our young Americans and preserve our freedoms.

Educational Materials

Here is what our schools will be receiving with your help:

The Educational Enrichment Package

The Educational Enrichment Package is based on the acclaimed interactive documentary film series, The Long Way Home Project. Many historians and commentators believe that the current challenge to our nation has parallels to the Vietnam War era. The Long Way Home Project uses that earlier conflict as a "metaphor for our times" ... a message that is informative, inspiring, and entertaining.

Without your help, our schools will not be able to obtain to obtain the Package materials.

The Project Educational Enrichment Package is an essential and empowering tool designed for teacher use and student learning. You can help deliver these tools to our young people. In addition to the great benefits in enhancing knowledge of American history in an exciting way, the Package provides enrichment in geography, social studies, and world history. The high technology stimulation and new insights that students receive proves the great value of both the Project materials and what you can help accomplish in our schools and in our country.

Classroom teachers and their departments in nearly every school district across this great land have little discretionary budget to obtain the types of enrichment materials that Our American Heritage Foundation's Educational Enrichment Package will deliver.

You can get more information about the Educational Enrichment Package directly from the American Heritage Foundation web site.

They can send you the "Ten Action Steps" that is part of their ADOPT-A-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE. You can mail a check for $300 per school and high school data form along with any supplemental letters and materials to Our American Heritage Education Foundation at P.O. Box 556, Castle Rock, CO 80104.