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Lewis Sorley, "A BETTER WAR: The Unexamined Victories and Final Tragedy of America's Last Years in Vietnam," A HARVEST BOOK HARCOURT, INC., San Diego, New York, London, 1999. Lewis Sorley's highly acclaimed book is excellent and it tells the story more accurately than most especially in the later years of the war. Dr. Lewis Sorley, Pulitzer-prize nominated historian, is also a featured contributor to the outstanding Vietnam documentary film series "The Long Way Home Project."

Marshall L. Michel III, "THE 11 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS: America's Last Vietnam Battle", ENCOUNTER BOOKS, San Francisco, California, 2002, an outstanding book which provides unique insights on President Nixon's decision to "use the big stick" which effectively ended the Vietnam War in 1973. This well researched and balanced presentation puts the Christmas bombing in perspective and gives details from the cockpit of a B-52 bomber over Hanoi.

Dale Andrade's book, "TRIAL BY FIRE: The 1972 Easter Offensive, America's Last Vietnam Battle", HIPPOCRENE BOOKS, New York, 1995, is the most detailed description I have read of the battle of Kontum. His research is thorough and complete. If someone were interested in the detailed story of this battle I would recommend Mr. Andrade's book as the best source.

Neil Sheehan's book, "A BRIGHT SHINING LIE: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam", RANDOM HOUSE, New York, 1988, is a Pulitzer Prize winning book. On page 785 Mr. Sheehan provides a detailed description of June 9th, 1972, when Mr. Vann was killed in the crash of his OH-58 helicopter in the Kontum Pass. In the late summer of 1972 Mr. Sheehan came to Pleiku doing research on Mr. Vann. I spent several hours with him one evening recounting some of the recent history and told him what I knew about Mr. Vann's death. He was kind enough to list me as a footnote in his book.


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