Setting the Record Straight

High School Advisor - Ronald L. Hudson

NameRonald L. Hudson
Selected High SchoolThomas Dale High School
Military Career

I served in Vietnam from March, 1970-March, 1971. My unit was A Btry, 1st/39th FA, 108th Group, XXIV Corp. I was a Forward Artillery Observer adjusting artillery fire from rotary wing aircraft and from the ground with infantry units. My unit operated in the most northern part of Vietnam referred to as I Corp. The largest engagement I was in was the Battle of Ripcord.

After discharge from the Army I went to college and then was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve and served until retirement in the Virginia Army National Guard as an artillery officer. Commanding E Btry 111th FA 29th Div. (L). I retired a Major in 1997.

Civilian Career

I have worked in public sector management as Assistant City Manager of Emporia, VA. Most of my professional life was spent in banking working as a Sr. Vice President and subsequently as a receiver under contract to the Resolution Trust Corporation and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. I currently am Supervisor of Accounts Receivables for the Virginia Employment Commission.

I have Associate and Bachelors Degree in Public Administration from Ferris State Univ. A Masters In Administration from Central Michigan University, Graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and a doctoral candidate in Public Policy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I have been an adjunct professor of business managment for Southside Virginia Community College.