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There is a growing interest in the Vietnam War among some of the younger generation. Maybe it's because their fathers or uncles served in Vietnam, and they want to know more about it. I have had enjoyable contacts with students doing research for school projects involving the Vietnam War. As a Vietnam veteran, I think this is a good time for those of us who want to get involved with "telling our story" to step up to the plate and offer our services to teachers as Vietnam War Veteran Advisers. Just making contact and being a resource can help in "Setting the Record Straight."

We are looking for veterans of the Vietnam War who would be willing to become a resource person, an advisor for teachers in a local high school. We do not anticipate that it would take too much time, and it actually may be more of an e-mail experience than time in front of students. Most school curricula cover the Vietnam War in the late spring.

If this interests you, please "sign-up" using the following form.

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