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Posted by Bill Laurie on 13:37:56 06/18/09

Joel, you come across as an honest person who has an open mind. Your thoughts would be correct IF the fundamental implicit assumptions were correct. Unfortunately it is next to impossible for anyone in this country to learn anything of substance about Viet Nam. I harbored views such as yours before I went. They proved to be invalid. There's insufficient room to elaborate upon everything here but suffice it to say your assumptions about the GVN and South Viet Namese miliary aren't correct enough to be the truth. They are not. There were very valid reasons, both pragmatic and moral, for our effort to STOP Hanoi's war. I would be glad to provide factual matter to you or anyone else who questions this view. You have been misled by the cumulative fantasies of an inept news media, and far too many would-be Viet Nam scholars who compile very convincing yet equally fanciful descriptions of what took place, when, how, why, to whom, with what effect, etc.
The U.S. government's inexcusably inept handling of effort to stop Hanoi's war borders on criminal negligence.
I spent three years there. What I experienced contradicts the conventional false perceptions. My email address doesn't show up well as the underscore is obscured.
Thank you, and look forward to any comments and questions you might have. Rest assured, things weren't as you honestly believe them to have been.
Bill Laurie

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