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Jack - 2002
John G. "Jack" Heslin
Spring 2002

It would be impossible to acknowledge all the people who have truly contributed to this effort over the years. However, it would be a mistake, and an injustice, for me to overlook those who gave of their time and talent to make this web site a reality.

The talented, and very competent, George S. Williams ( of Sterling Web Services is responsible for most of the web design. He took the story I wanted to tell and created the many pages that make-up this web site.

My friend and fellow veteran, William "Bud" Hayes and his son, William D. Hayes III ( created the home page.

My brother-in law, Giao Dau, scanned most of the pictures for me and translated some the Vietnamese documents I have.

Scott Blackwell digitized the taped interviews.

30 years ago, Lt. Gary Swingle provided important information on many of the details of the battle and provided me copies of the taped interviews.

Most importantly, my family and friends who have encouraged and supported my personal journey down a path I have shunned for most of 30 years. Like most of you who gave part of your life to that war, I have "stuff" that "visits". We are a family of four grown children and five grandchildren. All of my children participated in some way in this project. I never dreamed my oldest son John would be at the Pentagon on September 11th when the terrorists attacked. I never dreamed I would put my original flight wings on my son Jim. I never dreamed my daughter Joan would become the computer "wizard" she is, and I never dreamed that my youngest son, Joe, would walk with me down the path, and help in the editing process of "The Battle of Kontum." For more than 36 years my wife Jean has been there through it all, providing whatever was needed to keep the family together. During the two years I was gone "fighting the war," she carried the load of caring for four children and managing a household that was always on the move.

Finally, I am in debt to those men I served with who did what was asked of them and who often gave more than they took. I never dreamed...

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