As you can see, I got here. Haven't looked through it yet but I must admit it is impressive. Thanks for telling me about it. More importantly, thanks to you and your guys for saving my life and the lives of a number of others on October 17, 1972. Sorry you lost one of your own that day plus a simply wonderful kid from the commo outfit. I don't even know how many locals were killed. Bad day! One wonders why they were spared while others weren't. But that's up to God to decide, not me.

Anyway, congratulations,

Good job.

REFLECTIONS: Lives lost but not forgotten... brave deeds done and recorded in the hearts of those who were there ... why was one spared while others weren't - we have been given the gift of life - and as stated in the movie "Saving Private Ryan" now we must earn it. We must give back more than we take.

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