Even though many miles separated us at that time, we both share many of the same experiences and memories I am sure. I was in A Company, 229th AHB, 1st Air Cav as a WO1 right out of flight school at Bien Hoa in 72' and flew in the battle of An Loc. Even though our unit received the Presidential Unit Citation for our actions during this battle I very rarely hear anything mentioned about it.

It's been some 30 years now, but I can still see, feel and yes, even taste, the days I spent flying soldiers in and out of An Loc.

Warm regards.

Your friend,

REFLECTIONS: The Easter Offensive of 1972, also known as the Spring Offensive of 1972, was massive in scale and reached across the entire country. These were desperate times and all of us fighting, no matter where, shared similar experiences. The battle around An Loc was fierce and has been documented by others. I remember talking with some of you who flew in that battle who told the stories of surface-to-air missiles and intense antiaircraft fire. Because there were few American ground units actually engaged in the fighting many Americans were unaware of the intensity of the fighting and the depth and breadth of the battles. I was in the Central Highlands during the battles around Dak To in late '67 and early '68. I was in country for the Tet Offensive of 1968 and I flew the SOG mission for several months. Nothing I had seen or experienced compared to the all out combat operations during the Spring Offensive of 1972 and the Battle of Kontum with large enemy formations conducting multi-division conventional attacks supported by heavy artillery and tanks. Even with massive air support and the extraordinary efforts of the U.S. advisers on the ground it was a near thing... I remember how close we came to losing it all.

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