What a terrific job of story telling. It was an excellent read. I was a pilot with the 170th AHC (Bikini 24) stationed in Kontum during my entire tour from February 1970 until we left in February of 1971. A lot of good men fought and died in that AO and your telling of their story is a real tribute to them. I got a kick out of the pictures, (ah so many memories....so long ago) and I was involved in the battle for the Special Forces camp called Doc Seang.

Again, thanks for the research,

Keep up the good work.

REFLECTIONS: Memories flood back at the strangest times. Sometimes a picture or a sound or even a smell will - in a flash - collapse the years into an instant and we are there again. Many men, on both sides, fought until the end. The struggle was epic in scope but it might as well have been in another galaxy for many Americans - life went on, as if nothing extraordinary was happening - they didn't know - did they even care?

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