It was indeed a great pleasure to speak with you last evening. I thank you for your service to our nation and admire the courage you displayed in the execution of your duties. Thank you for the work you have done through your account of the battle. It honors the memories of the men that fought and fell there and I hope put to rest some of the ghosts that remain.

Regards, A Vietnam Veteran

REFLECTIONS: He called that night, right at dinner time - just another call from someone wanting to sell me something - I was sure - I won't answer it - my wife looked at me as we sat there at the dinner table - OK I'll answer it. "Are you Jack Heslin..." Memories shared, halting at first, not quite sure... How quickly we recognize each other, how aware we become of shared experience, even though we may never have met before. I believe that there is a "brotherhood" of those who have been in the "fire" and know what it was like. He spoke of his experiences - he wondered if I had been where he had been... did I remember? Could I help him remember? One call, that was all. I remember...

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