Hi, I am a 10th grader in Georgia. I am doing a project on the Vietnam War. I want to give my project a more personal touch. I am putting together a book with stories from veterans about their experiences in Vietnam. I would like to use one of your stories for my book that I will pass around the class.


Hello again,

I am using your picture from the front page and the article that goes along with it about helicopter pilots. I am using the aircraft combat loss map and the statistics that go along with that. Phase I, II, III of the Battle of Kontum and the pictures you have on your web site. In other words practically the whole thing. It is very interesting. It is kind of confusing to me sometimes because the names of places are strange so my mom printed me a map so I could look and tell where the different place were. Some of the military terms I did not understand so I asked my father or grandfather who spends all his time watching old war movies. Tonight I am going to watch the BIG RED ONE and some other war movies to get a better feel of what exactly went on.

We are doing a debate on whether we should have been there or not and I told them it did not matter they were there and we should support our troops. Anyone should have been ashamed of themselves for spitting on our troops or calling them baby killers...


Hi, I turned my memories collage in this morning. The teacher gave me 120 on it. I wanted all of the veterans that helped me to know what grade I received. Everyone in the class is fighting over it wanting to read it. I told the teacher I wanted it back to keep for myself. Thank you again for your permission to use your web site.

Thank you very much. My mom said it would do my class some good to see what real war was like.

REFLECTIONS: I have received a number of e-mails from students doing research projects on the Vietnam War. Some of the students where in high school and I have had some who were doing graduate level research. I was very pleased to be able to help and to see that the web site was providing the kind of historical information I had hoped it would. I have been touched by some of the comments from the young students who were learning about a war they only knew from TV or the movies. Too many who teach the history of that war base their opinions on distorted information heavily biased by people who were not there or who have their own agenda.

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