Why does your name sound familiar? The dust balls are still trying to clear up after so many years. I was the gunner for "Lt. Blue", on "Gator 409" in the spring of '68 till August '68. I never was any good with names, but I never forget a face. Welcome home Jack.

Let me know if I have rung a bell with you.


REFLECTIONS: I remember. I was a platoon commander in the 119th in late '67 with a call sign of "Blue One" and one of my team leaders was a young first lieutenant with a call sign of "Light Blue". He took over the platoon in '68 when I became the Company Operations Officer. It is amazing that after all these years a note from the web can bring so much back... I remember the day - west of Ben Het - "Light Blue" followed me into an LZ that was too quiet and as I pulled out he got laced and went down in the LZ. I remember the caustic voice of an "old" captain ordering me out of the area until we could get enough fire power to get them all out - I remember going back in when we could and pulling them all out alive. Many stories from my first tour will have to wait until I am ready to go there... do you know what I mean?

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