My name is ... . I was with the 1st Cav 2/8 Delta Company. I am so thrilled to be able to contact someone who was actually there on the ground! I also was trained on the jeep mounted TOW and was sent from Bien Hoa to Pleiku and then on to Kontum for the big "Party". I'm sure we were on Rocket Ridge. Our AO was on top of a rise in a graveyard. The highway was just below us where there was a bridge. I still rejoice at the memory of the day there was a break in the clouds and those 3 beautiful B-52s appeared nose to tail. They sure quieted down that crowd in the valley.

I hope this message gets to you. Welcome Home!

REFLECTIONS: I tried hard to be as accurate as I could be in telling the story of the Battle. I regret that I surely missed some important facts and may have slighted men who risked all to do what was asked of them. Some of the e-mails I received, like this one, reminded me that there are those men out there waiting to be recognized for what they did. There were American ground units that participated in the Battle of Kontum, like the ground T0W units and a small unit from the 1st Cav who were not recognized - for my omissions, I am sorry.

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