Hi Jack,

Thanks for the email. Delighted to hear about the marvelous success of your 'Kontum' site. I have to say that it comes as no great surprise to me since it is certainly one of the most professionally presented sites that I have had the pleasure of viewing.

The sheer volume of hits that our sites are receiving is a fair indication of the resurgence of interest in Vietnam that has occurred over the last few years. It pleases me greatly to know that people are, finally, looking for the truth from the mouths of the men that did the fighting rather than from those who did their best to avoid it and then made a living from 'commentating' on it.

Your site is a wonderful resource, neither over- nor under-stated; non-sensational in the journalistic sense. The true sensationalism comes from the simple recounting of ordinary men and women carrying out extraordinary feats in the most difficult of circumstances.

Keep up the good work. Your site is an example of how our children will eventually come to find the truths they are looking for regarding the Vietnam War.

Best Regards, A Fellow Traveler on the road to the Truth

REFLECTIONS: There does seem to be a growing interest in the Vietnam War among some of the younger generation. Maybe it's because their fathers or uncles served in Vietnam and they want to know more about it. I have very much enjoyed the contact with students doing research for school projects. I did receive a call from a man in England who is a writer and he indicated that his publishers felt that Vietnam was currently a "hot" topic. More than 600,000 hits on the site in a little over a year tells me there is interest. Many just stop in and look - others stay and read. Several have commented that by "publishing" on the web the story becomes dynamic and can be enhanced and grow. That is exactly why I wanted to publish this "story" on the web so that you all could add to it and that it would be available to the largest possible number of people who might be interested... And so it is.

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