Started reading about the Battle of Kontum, you have spent a lot of time and have done a great job of investigation and in getting the facts. I flew B and then H 7/17 during Feb to June 19th 72. Call sign "Scalp Hunter Lead" and flew almost every day. Flew John Vann when his pilots couldn't. Rescued more than a few of his advisors as their FSB's were being overrun, Dak To, Tan Canh and Polei Kleng. Of the nine OH-6's lost, 4 were mine with another picked up. Let me know if you would like more information to add and another Stars and Stripes Article about "Born Locher's".

Regards, a Cav pilot

REFLECTIONS: I just really appreciate receiving these e-mails - they are such wonderful gifts to me. So many of you served with such distinction - how many people do you pass by every day who do not have a clue of who you are or what you've done. Please share your stories with the people in your lives - especially your children. I know, we don't want to talk about ourselves and we don't want to talk about the stuff that still hurts. There are sad stories I hear of fathers passing away and children trying to find out what their dad did in the War. I have started to share the "good, bad & ugly" a little at a time. Building this site has been a healing process for me and I will admit I am much better off now that I've pulled the boxes out of the garage. The stories you could tell would fill hundreds of web pages. You were ordinary men who did extraordinary things. Make sure your story gets told before it can't be told.

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