I've talked with you before, about the Dusters and now I have an interesting research point you may be able to assist with. In late 1971 when we stood down, many men in our unit with several months remaining on their tour were reassigned to other units in the area. We had a young medic named Franklin Zollicoffer who is listed as KIA, body not recovered, from a chopper crash near Kontum on April 27, 1972. Do you have any information on this date and on crews lost?

With best regards, A soldier

REFLECTIONS: What an interesting connection. I have had a number of e-mails and a few phone calls about this event. I have quite a bit of information about Franklin Zollicoffer and the 57th Assault Helicopter Company aircraft he was on when he died. I have taped interviews from the survivors of that incident who describe, in some detail, the last days of Franklin. He was very badly wounded in the hip and abdomen from 51cal fire that brought the a/c down. The pilot and co-pilot along with two passengers died quickly - Franklin died several days after the crash. The person who pulled the survivors through was the crewchief/gunner Charlie Lea. Charlie told his story in the October 2002 issue of Vietnam Magazine. Charlie's story in the Vietnam Magazine matches the taped interviews I have from that period. I have not had contact with Charlie - I hope I do someday - he did extraordinary deeds for his fellow soldiers. I have a special feeling for the 57th AHC, I was in the original unit that formed up in Fort Bragg N.C. in the summer of 1967 and I deployed to Vietnam with them in October1967. I was transferred soon after arrival to the 119th AHC stationed at Camp Holloway.

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