Dear Jack,

I can't remember exactly how I came across your web site, but I hope I don't forget it. You may be able to help me if you will and can. I also was in Kontum and Pleiku from 1970-1972. I was delivering some radio equipment back to Kontum from Pleiku. I was to get on the chopper at the hospital near the 146ths Sig. Co. Carrying radio equipment, both hands full, I somehow got turned around and went down the wrong corridor, and was running late for the bird. I finally asked where the chopper pad was, and got directions to it. As I opened the last door, gaining exit to outdoors, I could see the chopper, it was running, I guessed that it was waiting on me. As I started walking to the chopper, all of a sudden it spewed fuel out the exhaust and caught on fire, then exploded. I could do nothing... people were running and trying to help.

Finally, back in the emergency room, I made my way back too, I remember someone asking for names and ID#'s. I never did get any name of the two warrant officers, and this has haunted me for 33 years. I was hoping you might know them, or maybe have any information on who they might be. I don't know if anyone else was in the chopper. Most of the time there was a door gunner on that flight, but I don't remember, all I can remember is the smell of burning flesh and fuel, and the terrible pain these two brave soldiers went through before they died. Any help would be helpful, and Jack welcome home to you, you guys were great.

Thanks for the many safe flights, God Bless you and yours.

REFLECTIONS: How many of us have been "haunted" by those memories for these many years - sometimes like it was yesterday. How many times but for the curious turn of fate would we too be but a memory for others to reflect on. Can you remember their names? Can you still see their faces? Memories fade but the ache is still there - God Bless you and yours...

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