Captain Joe Wofford Eubanks

I am dedicating this book, "Reflections From the Web," to the memory of Captain Joe Wofford Eubanks. Joe was a Huey (UH-1) pilot flying with the 57th Assault Helicopter Company during the Battle of Kontum. Joe was killed in action on June 2, 1972 while on a mission near the Kontum Pass. You can read about that event in the Memories Book entry of Dave Millard from the Battle of Kontum web site. I think the words, written by Dave Millard, are a wonderful tribute to Joe and capture the essence of how we Brothers-in-Arms feel about each other. Please remember Joe and all the others who gave all they had in the service of our great nation- America.

"After 30 years I still can close my eyes and see Joe like he just handed me the logbook and walked away down the apron. Some great men are immortalized in print or art... The greatest are held forever in the hearts of their friends and Brothers-in-Arms."
   -Dave Millard


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