For these Reflections From The Web, I have edited the e-mails so that the names of the authors have been deleted and information that may have been too sensitive to include was also deleted. Many of the e-mails are long and often part of a series of communications with an individual. I edited these e-mails to shorten their length but tried to retain pertinent information and content. Some of these e-mails, especially those from foreign-born people, have been edited for clarity and readability. I have not changed intent or substantive content.

My hope is that these "Reflections" may provide interesting insights to you about those who have been visiting the web site and will provide some insights from me as I have reflected on them. I have limited the number of e-mails to 38 and organized them so that each e-mail and reflection is on a separate page.

Thank you for your continued interest in The Battle of Kontum -

Jack Heslin - The Scribe

 1. A Vietnamese Surgeon20. You Guys Never Let Us Down
 2. A Student Research Project21. Crew Chief From the 170th
 3. Ground Troops With A TOW Unit22. Research Done On Vietnam Web Sites
 4. My Dad and COL Dat23. An A-1 Pilot From Pleiku
 5. Your Web Site Has Helped Me24. I Was The Gunner
 6. Information On SPC Franklin Zollicoffer25. Air Force Radio Operators
 7. An Old Soldier Remembers Leghorn26. Big Windy Pilot
 8. A Helicopter Burns Up On The Pad27. LTC Bao From Tan Canh
 9. The Crew Chief28. Just Read The Latest
10. A Vietnamese Soldier Remembers Some Pilots29. I Was Overhead at Tan Canh
11. Lives Lost But Not Forgotten30. Glad To Know Vietnam Vets
12. The French Nuns31. It's Part of The Cathartic Experience
13. The Battle of An Loc32. My Brother Was A Co-Pilot
14. Good Men Fought and Died33. It Has Been 33 Years
15. My Father's Eyes34. I Am Writing A Book
16. An ARVN Ranger35. The Interest In Vietnam
17. A C-130 Crashes at Kontum36. Scalp Hunter Lead
18. A Call From California37. My Husband Was A Casualty of War
19. COL DAT and Mr. Vann38. Mobile Strike Force
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