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This is a report that was sent to me by William Page. William found this document in the Texas Tech Vietnam Archives. In 1972 during the battle of Kontum, as the S-3, 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion (CAB) and Assistant S-3, 17th Combat Aviation Group (CAG), I was responsible for keeping track of the battle, writing updates on the battle, and briefing the many visitors who came to the highlands both during and after the battle. During that period I exchanged information with 1Lt. Gary Swingle, G-3 SRAC. Gary's information from the advisors was essential to my knowing the full picture of what was happening on the ground, and I was able to provide information to him on the air operations. ANNEX K - probably written in 1973 - is a product of the work Gary did, and it provides a good picture of the events and people who participated in the Battle of Kontum.

Annex K, Page 1

This is a copy of the first page of the document. The entire document, a 3MB PDF file, is available for downloading from here. Alternatively, it can also be downloaded from the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University by using the link in the Citation below.

Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University
The original is online at MACV Command History 1972-1973 - Annex K

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