Lessons of History

A Presentation

On August 15th 2019 I gave a presentation on the "Lessons of History" at the South Brunswick County Public Library. My purpose was to provide an overview of my Vietnam War 1972 "Battle of Kontum" website and, using some historical events, to illustrate a conceptual model that would provide insights and understandings of those events. In the presentation, I focused on events which led to the Vietnam War and explained the failures that brought about the catastrophic end to that war.

I hope through these insights and understandings we will be able to identify patterns that illuminate lessons learned which can be used now and into the future. My motivation for developing and offering this presentation was grounded in my belief that without understanding the events of our past, we will be unable to cope with the events of the present, and we will be destined to repeat many of our past failures into the future.

Lessons of History Video - 366Mb mp4

Lessons of History Slides - 6MB pdf