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Vietnam War Orientation Map  

Regional Map

This map provides an orientation to where the battle area was relative to Vietnam and adjacent countries. The battle area was located about 240 miles north of Saigon and adjacent to the countries of Cambodia and Laos. This area was often referred to as the "Tri-border Area" and was the scene of many battles during the Vietnam War. The "Ho Chi Minh Trail" passed just west of this area as it came down through Laos and Cambodia. The battle area was about 60 miles north to south and about 40 miles east to west and that is approximately the size of the state of Rhode Island. The city of Pleiku was located about 25 miles south of Kontum City. We measured distance more in terms of flight time than actual miles. In a helicopter, I could leave Pleiku and be at Kontum City in about 20 minutes.

The white rectangle surrounding Kontum and Tan Canh is the area represented on the overlay.

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