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The Scribe
Camp Holloway
Pleiku, Vietnam
Spring 1972
"Blue One" "Alligator 3"
"Dragon 3" "Eagle 3 alpha" "Sage Street"
The Scribe
Lt. Col. John G. "Jack" Heslin
(U.S.Army, retired)
THUNDER: Stories From the First Tour Front Cover

Announcing the release of "THUNDER: Stories From the First Tour" by Jack Heslin, The Scribe. A personal account of Jack's first tour of duty as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, 1967-1968. Profits from the book will be used to support the Battle of Kontum web site.


THUNDER at De La Salle Middle School

Setting the Record Straight

Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954-1965
Triumph Regained: The Vietnam War, 1965-1968
by Mark Moyar

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March, 2023 
21st Anniversary

The Battle of Kontum Website

51st Anniversary
The Battle of Kontum

This patch, which was sent to me by Dr. Giap Phuc Hai, was awarded to 1972 Kontum defenders/participants, and was supposed to be sewn above the right pocket of the dress uniform

Lessons of Vietnam Web Broadcast 02-22-2017 "1972 - The Battle of Kontum w/ LTC Jack Heslin"

Lessons of History - A Presentation Given by Jack Heslin
August 15, 2019 at the South Brunswick County Public Library


On March 30, 1972, the Army of North Vietnam (NVA) invaded South Vietnam. The battle that had been in the making for years had finally begun. The enemy opened three major fronts. The first was in I Corps where he sent 30,000 troops streaming across the DMZ. The second was in III Corps where the enemy attacked out of his Cambodian sanctuaries and tried to capture the city of An Loc. The third was in II Corps where two NVA divisions tried to capture the provincial capital of Kontum. This web site focuses on the Battle of Kontum as I experienced it.

I launched this web site on March 30, 2002, the 30th anniversary of the Vietnam Easter Offensive (Spring Offensive) of 1972. After all these years, it is my hope that some of the insights gained during this period will be of use to others and may provide a better understanding of this battle. This web site on the Battle of Kontum is my effort to commemorate those few Americans who stayed and fought with the South Vietnamese, especially the aviators who did extraordinary things in a battle most Americans never heard of.

Announcing the release of "Reflections From The Web" by Jack Heslin, The Scribe. A collection of personal reflections by friends, family and survivors of the Battle of Kontum as told to Jack Heslin. Proceeds from this book will be used to support the Battle of Kontum web site.

"Reflections From The Web" is currently not available for order from the Battle of Kontum website.

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