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MACV Tm 24 along with 22 & 23 held a reunion in Clearwater, FL on 17-18 September 2015.

My sincerest thanks to all who were able to attend. The reunion far surpassed my expectations and had a very profound impact on me. From the notes I've received, all were similarly affected and enjoyed the short time we had together. Judi and I enjoyed meeting each of you and look forward to next.

So we're on to planning another meeting! I'll be honored to assist Ben in organizing the next reunion in Washington DC next fall. Joel Gartenberg has stepped-up and offered to handle hotel arrangements. We're anxious to hear your thoughts and comments on the first reunion and what you'd like to have occur with the next. And we certainly welcome any help you may want to offer in making the next reunion the best yet!!

I hope all is well in your life and that God will give us the opportunity to spend more time together next year.

Bill Greinke
Tm 23 & 22FWD    70/71


TEAM Members in Attendance (arranged by service date):