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Anne Watts  

Nursing in Kontum

I am an English nurse, always a civilian. However, I went to Vietnam to nurse children with the Save the Children Fund. From Oct 67-Dec 68 I was in Qui Nhon. From Feb 69-Dec 70 I nursed at Patricia Smith's Minh Quy Montagnard hospital in Kontum. This was an experience that has stayed with me, vividly, for the past 39 years years. Memories that have served as a template for the remainder of my life. Not least due to the invaluable, voluntary help given to us, in both areas, by the young, American soldiers, sailors and airmen. Thank you guys. I salute you.

Anne Watts <>
London, London England - Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 12:47:56 (PST)

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