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CW4 H. T. Kerr, Retired  

CH-47 Aircraft to Support the Central Highlands

Hi, Jack, my name is Herbert T. Kerr. In 1971 I was a member of C/228 (Warriors) at Camp Holloway. In late 1971, C/228 was stood down and then redesignated the 68th Avn Co (ASHC). We turned in our A and B model CH-47's and picked up CH-47C models from the 101st AB. In January or February 1972, we again stood down and crew members who had been in country 6 months or more went home; the rest remained. Eleven pilots missed that cut, including myself; I don't know about our enlisted guys. We were assigned to the 201st which was to become a composite company (which never happened). The 201st attached us to the 180th ASHC which was stationed at LZ Lane, and in turn the 180th assigned us as a detachment at Pleiku with three CH-47 aircraft to support the Central Highlands. The CH-47 lost on Rocket Ridge was commanded by CW2 Zutter who had taken that mission for me to help complete all of the resupply missions I had remaining. He had a VNAF peter pete who jumped from the A/C when it caught fire and broke his leg. I was the AC on the aircraft shot down on 28 APR north of kontum. We had 11 pilots in the detachment, but the 180th rotated pilots from LZ Lane to Pleiku to help us out (Mr. Zutter was on rotation), him being the only one I can name since I haven't been able to find a roster. I am sending the names of the pilots that I know were leftovers from C/228 and were in the detachment but I am missing two. I hope you can add them to your battle unit section.

Gorday, James C. Cpt Detachment CO
Chapman, William Cpt
Sedowicz, Frank C. Cpt IP
Padgett, Walter F. Cpt
Parsons, Curt Cpt
Meeks Cpt Maint Off
Quinten 1LT
Kerr, Herbert T. CW2
Sabree, John S. CW2

Keep up the good work, you have put together a lot of info and I hope this info fills in some of the holes.

CW4 H. T. Kerr, Retired <>
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at 08:27:42 (EST)

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