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Tammy Hall  


Since my father's unexpected passing I have found some photos of Rudy Hall and his wife Patti in Kontum I believe in Oct. 1969. My son, Rudy's grandson, is currently active duty at Ft. Rucker and I am putting together a memory book for him. If anyone remembers Rudy G. Hall and may hve a photo of him in the pilot's seat in what could only be Viet Nam I would appreciate it if you sent it to me. I am trying to get daddy into the VietNam Helicopter Pilot's Association. Most of his work was classified and so I have no flight logs to prove it, even thought he was shot down and taken prisoner in 1974. Please help if you can. Thank you. Tammy Hall Mooradian 707.427.8791

Tammy Hall <>
Fairfield, Ca. USA - Tuesday, August 03, 2010 at 20:24:28 (EDT)

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