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John N Kujawa  

UH-1 Shot Down West of Kontum

Jack, I believe you've left off one crash site from your map. We had an UH-1D crash on the west edge of Kontum City on or about 05/25/1972. They were flying in support of the MAC-V (Zulu-1 mission, I believe) when they took fire and went down. The crash spread or bent the skids, lowering the aircraft to the ground. Everyone survived the crash, but the rotor blade struck 1Lt Farris (6ft+ tall) as he exited the burning aircraft. The rotor blade came down and severed the top of his head. I remember flying over the remains of that aircraft (only the tail boom survived where it detached and fell) many times during the rest of my tour. -- NOTE -- John, you are right about Lt. Gary B. Farris, 57th AHC, May 25th, 1972 UH-I aircraft number 64-13554. I'll include this info when I revise the site -- soon I hope -- and update the "Helicopter Losses" page. Thanks again -- Jack

John N Kujawa <>
USA - Tuesday, September 17, 2002 at 19:12:56 (PDT)

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