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Cary Louderback  

Mobility missions- Kontum 1972

I was at Kontum Airfield as part of a Mobility Team with the 8th Aerial Port Sq. Our teams did the loading & unloading of aircraft, mostly C130s, as I recall. I remember always working aircraft with engines running, no lights and most of the time, under fire. This was April thru June 1972, as best I recall. Loaded out a lotta refugees, with several dropping off aircraft during ascension. Still vividly remember the sights, sounds & smells. I had no idea of the "bigger picture" until I read "Battle of Kontum". For all my 5 man team knew, we were the only American forces anywhere near Kontum Airfield, except for the flight crews. Glad I got the whole story. Also, looking for anyone that might remember Mobility Teams, me or Steve "Big Willie" Williams. Remember a C130 sideswiping a Cobra; a C130 taking the roof off a shack and continuing to fly carrying the roof; and a couple more C130s going down. Remember the 'Yards too.

Cary Louderback <>
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 08:56:40 (EDT)

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