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rob schwab  

The Chinook crash at the airfield

I'm proud to report an error I made in my account of the Chinook disaster at the airfield, early in the Battle. Proud, because it turns out we had not one but two heroes there that day. Here is an email I just received from the second, Chris Fruitticher. Also gratifying to learn that both were recognized for their valor by the Army.

Rob, you may not remember me. I was with Advisory Team 41 from 11/1971 to 10/1972. I was the Assistant S3/Artillery Advisor. I was a captain at the time. I was working at the airfield at the time the Chinook crash occurred. The sergeant's name you referred to was SFC Cato. I do not remember his first name. We both ran to the Huey and removed the injured child. We were both later awarded the Soldier's Medal for our actions.

Chris Fruitticher

rob schwab <>
Thailand - Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at 21:35:08 (EST)

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