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Mac McKinzie  

leaving kontum by huey

I rode out of Kontum (from MACV compound) with a Huey crew supposedly sent to Pleiku because a certain LTC didn't like the way they flew. I remember seeing the Kontum field getting hammered as we flew towards Pleiku and I realized Kontum was not going to be the ideal vacation destination (oddly enough tho, there seem to be 3 hotels in town today serving the tourists).
I had been directed by the same LTC to 'leave my(his) province' because I didn't wear a hat when I brought Air Force engineers to the bridge on Dak Bla after it had been damaged either by mortar or sapper (I was a radio operator at TF2AE and had been 'volunteered' to take the engineers to the bridge).
A civilian named Rudy Hall later told his family about a guy (I had driven to MACV for mail when the LTC and his SGM caught up with me) being escorted by MP's to the Huey. Mr. Hall's daughter contacted me after reading my earlier post regarding the incident. Hall's family thought Dad was joshing them about it until she read what I'd written. I was saddened to hear that her dad had passed away earlier that year.
I would love to find anyone from the Huey crew. Hopefully one of the 4 are still alive and reading the memories. ...and Tammy if you read this, thanks for your earlier email.

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