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Patrick Faver  

After CPT Hall

On 5 Jun 72 I was a very green Signal Corps LT when I reported to the II Corps G1 in Nha Trang. I had arrived the day before (Sunday) and was told by the major that picked me up at the airfield that I was going to be the local installation telephone officer and live in a nice villa on the beach. As I waited that Monday morning for the G1 to complete his phone call I heard him say "I have a new Signal Corps lieutenant in my office right now. Will he do?" The next day I got off a Huey in Kontum (near the old tennis courts) and wandered around until I found the basement TOC for MACV Team 33. I walked down the steps, turned left and bumped into COL Rhotenberry-- "Who the hell are you?" "Sir, I'm your new signal officer. I was told I'm replacing CAPT Hall." Wrong thing for me to say...the hurt of his loss was too fresh, too raw for his friends and I was a reminder of what happened. CPT Hall was highly respected and well liked by the entire team. The nature of his wounds seemed to add to the somber mood I found that morning. But as we moved through summer, many of those that served with CPT Hall rotated back home and the mood gradually changed. I heard that he made it back to Brooke Army Medical Center but no news after that. Although I never met CPT Hall he had a tremendous impact on my life. I knew I could never replace him in the eyes of MACV Team 33 (nor did I want to) but still I worked hard to live up to the standard he set. I was your typical dumb lieutenant but thanks to the care and feeding I got from MAJ Burch, LTC Bricker and the ever present shadow of CPT Hall, we all made it through to the Cease Fire the next year. I even did a stint as the Deputy Advisor to the 44th Regt at FB November. As I close in on my final retirement, after 45 years with the Army and Navy, I wanted to tell the members of MACV Team 33 (Jun 72-Feb 73) they had a profound impact on my life and career and I will always be grateful for the opportunity I had to serve with soldiers of such character and heart. Thank you all.

Patrick Faver <>
Virginia Beach, VA Wednesday, November 06, 2013 at 13:03:46 (EST)

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