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Dickie Hites  

57th Helicopter Tail Number 69-15715


This incident is referenced by us as Case 1833.

Here is what we think happened: on 6 May (12 days after the crash) it was discovered that five of the ten men aboard the helo had survived. The survivors related the fate of the other five. Pilot (Hunsicker) was killed instantly from a gunshot wound, was pinned in the wreckage and burned in the aircraft. Co-pilot (Ellen) was severely injured in the crash and died within several hours. Major Carter and Lieutenant Jones were both thrown from the aircraft and were killed at the time of impact. The survivors found their decomposing bodies in the tall grass several days after the crash. Zollicoffer was badly wounded by a gunshot and had both legs broken. He died within a period of 3-4 days. Of the survivors Captain Keller and Specialist Lea were in the best condition and they left the others on the 8th or 9th day to seek help. This led to the rescue of Warmath, Ward and Vogel.

A recovery operation of the crash site was conducted in March 1993 and one small bone fragment was recovered as well as a portion of a green sock. No identification was possible and the case is inactive.

I would welcome any ideas from out there that could activate the case.

Dickie Hites/J2/JTFFA

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