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The Battle - Helping an Old Scouts Memory

Jack, I couldn't reach Larry Brassell by e-mail so I just wanted to help his memory out a little. First, it wasn't Blackwell but James Blackwood that went down with Cpt. Finch. He received minor wounds from the crash not from enemy fire; he wasn't wounded at Kontum in the chest by rockets that might have been Blackwell. I don't remember, but I carried him to Lt. Ellott's bird and we evaced him back to Pleiku to the hospital. He did have a big hole in his chest because I held a pressure bandage on it all the way back to Pleiku. He went back to the states as a result of that wound. Blackwood stayed and flew almost every day after that. We both derosed together on Sept 21-72 -- the last time I saw him was when we parted company in FT. Worth TX, I of course flew on to Little Rock. I have pictures of most of H-Trp -- most were former B-Troopers. Rich posted some of them at the B-Trp web site -- many thanks to Rich for posting them for me. And thank you Jack I wish that I had written a few things down like you did. We were told at the beginning of our tour that the war was just about over. SOMEONE FORGOT TO TELL THE NVA AND VICTOR CHARLES it damn sure wasn't over. We had some fine officers and a great bunch of enlisted, all gave some and some gave all -- let us never forget! Thank you again for telling the story Sir.

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