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C130 crashed on takeoff Kontum Airport

I just read the account of the C130 crash. Amnesia has distorted my memory. The crew was unloading pallets from the plane when another rocket attack started. Our Chinook was hovering behind the C130. The tarmac was sticking up 5 feet in the air from ?mortars? As the C130 was trying to take off the loose pallets began moving toward the ramp in the C130 and the tarmac was ripping into the belly of the plane. As it lifted off the runway our crew cheered as our Chinook followed it...then as we banked left it seemed to lose altitude...that was all I remembered. NOW 48 years later I read that only 1 of the crew lived? My heart hurts. Prayers to their families...48 years late.

U.S.A. - Saturday, March 07, 2020 at 00:02:49 (EST)

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