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Donald Langlois  

My Time With H Troop

I arrived at Pleiku early Oct, 1972 and within 2 weeks requested and received a transfer to H Trp, 17th Cav.

On a previous tour in the Delta, I flew scouts with D Trp 3/5 Cav. The scoutís left seat was a jack for all trades so to speak. Observer, gunner, bombardier and crew chief. The major agreed to allow me to fly as a crew chief. When I began to question the non-flight status of crew chiefs vs observers, I took a verbal submittal request to our platoon leader. I believe his name was Marshal Peterson (1LT), a West Point graduate and whose father had been a general.

A platoon meeting was held and approved by all officers with the exception of one I had been told. The observers weren't happy and I was later warned of a frag threat. As I did the EM scheduling I chose a team with 1 observer and 1 crew chief. The observers were to work with the crew chiefs in training in that aspect and the observers were to train under crew chiefs, learning the aircraft and maintaining their flight status.It was with H Trp that I received my one and only PH.

After the Peace Accord, I remained for about 60 days as a crew chief flying the peacekeepers (CHIPs) around.

I am hoping to find additional members not listed, whom I may have served with the short time I was with H Trp. The PH I received was during a mission about 2 weeks prior to the cease fire order and the pilot, a lieutenant whose name I cannot recall was also wounded. A bullet entered through the instrument panel, through one of the instruments, sending shards of glass to the left side of his face and gracing over the middle knuckle of my ring finger, causing a hole in the brand new left Nomex glove.

I have had past communications/meetings with members from D Trp, but only one I served with from H Trp.

As I stated, I was only with H Trp for about a 3-month period. Then for about 2 months with members from H Trp as ICCS, otherwise known as CHIPs. I am gaining in age as is everyone else and I would like to at least have communication with someone I served with. One person I did meet during the ICCS assignment was a WO1 named Dan Aavang. Dan and I hung together as we were both from Illinois.

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