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Kontum Airfield

My Amensia blocks most of my memories. 1972(?)
A CH47 piloted by ARVNs and carrying around 100 women and children landed near the refueling area(?)
I don't remember the term, but the Chinook began slightly bouncing up and down on its landing gear...then the bouncing became violent to the point the Chinook tore itself apart exploding in flames.
The next day our crew was given a handful of burlap sacks to collect body parts. Among the parts I collected while sifting thru pieces of fuselage was the arm of a child. Even though the body was charred, the child's arm was spotless-not even a blister. It was so sad.
Then I noticed my feet began to hurt badly. I and the crew looked down at our boots and the soles were melting because of the intense heat that the ground had soaked up. It took another day or two for the ground to cool enough for us to continue the recovery.

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