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War is Hell for 19 year olds and other humans

I can't remember his name or face (a side effect of my Amensia). We had just recovered about 30 children/bodies that the NVA had slaughtered FOR FUN...they excelled at such things.
(SOMEHOW the NVA got a tip that we would evacuate the village).
As we were putting the children's bodies into burlap sacks the Left doorgunner told us he had had enough and was going to kill himself (this wasn't a plea for intervention-he was dead-serious).
We hated having to break the arms and legs of the kids in order to put them into the sacks, but he was the only one who had the stomach to do it, and it was destroying him mentally.
We told him we depended on him-
we needed him-
we could count on him to do what was necessary to return the dead children to mothers waiting at the refugee camp. He halfway listened as we spoke. Then we (this only makes sense in war) gave him a Title, a Nickname.

From that moment on he was called the "Bone Breaker".

We would hold the stiff-dead children and he would break the joints of their arms and legs so we could place each child in it's own burlap sack (Congress was too busy to supply us with Body Bags, the Bastards).
After all the children were wrapped up as best we could, we each thanked him for doing what a 19 year old should never have to do.

His reply was..."Thanks for giving me a reason to live"

Only in War does Insanity make Sense.

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