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Roger Clemens  

Kontum, Ben Het, Polei Kleng, etc

As the BN maintenance officer for the 7/15 Arty, heavy 8"-175mm, 1970-1971, the downfall of the Central Highlands brought heavy emotions to my heart. All the great men who served, the hero's that did not return surely will never forget the Central Hightlands of Vietnam. The sheer presence of the NVA forces in that area led to some of the most monumental battles of the War and gave historians plenty of copy with which to write. The Central Highlands also served as the final epitaph to the War as it was predicted, divide the country and it will fall. And it did. I am still in touch with my Battalion Commanders, Medal of Honor recipient 1Lt Brian Miles Thacker, 1/92nd Arty and others I served with and most memorably with Lt. James Moore Bn S-1..the last man standing on Arty Hill when our Battalion and colors were finally retured to Ft. Lewis, Washington Nov 28, 1971.

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