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Rickey Von Vogel  

Death of SP/4 Franklin Zollicoffer

Franklin was wounded beyond our cability to help him, on the second day the N.V.A. sent a 7 man patrol to check our Crash Site for survivor's he begged us to let them kill him! We gagged him with his sock's smeared river mud on our hand's & face's remember me & my D.G. Lea are the only to people who could hold a rifle and defend ourselve's, to make a long story short they took a smoke break me & my D,G, had a deadly cross-fire ambush set up if we were discovered. Thank God they pushed on across the river, after we ungagged frank he broke all our heart's trying to shove his colt45 into our hand's begging for the (Coup-De-Grace) Bullet of mercy, he was a southern Baptist Minister before becoming a Combat Medic, we refused his request all Saying They will get us out Don't worry! well by Day 3 he got pissed at all of us and said he was going to drag his self to Drown in the River, he Expired 1/2 way there. He shared a shallow grave with my P.P Wade Ellen fron north Folk VA. This miss information piss's me off that has been posted The army Told His folk's his chopper crashed into a mountain & died instantly! I asked His Mother if She wanted the truth or The army's Story He was Her Baby of the family She Chose The truth! In Loving Memory of the finest black Man I Have known. Me & My D.G. Lea Burried him Side by Side with Wo/1 Wade Ellen..Shakey This guy Had gut's R.I.P. Brother!

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Lake of The Ozark's , MO. Blessed U.S.A. - Friday, June 18, 2004 at 19:04:55 (PDT)

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