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Malcolm Bussey  

John Paul Vann

I left Vietnam on March 1, 1972. That was just before the battle of Kontum and Mr. Vann's death. I was one of the 2 aviation advisors at the TOC at Mr. Vann's headquarters in Pleiku. I got to brief him and the staff on aviation utilization every other morning. I worked for him but like most people, didn't really know the man. Even so, he stands tall in my memory as one of my all time heroes. If you knew what you were doing and had energy and initiative to get things done ----- you were one of Mr. Vann's boys. I am proud to have been one of his boys. To be treated with respect from a man of his stature is a real high point in ones life. Several times I recall that he would treat someone with the opposite of respect and I am very happy to not have been on the receiving end of his scorn. He could dress down someone that he considered incompetent with a ferocity that I have never seen in anyone else. I regret that he died when he did ----- our country lost one of its finest...
Malcolm Bussey, Maj, USAR, Ret

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Texarkana, AR USA - Friday, July 09, 2004 at 14:13:12 (PDT)

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