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Tom Olander  


Greetings to all the Kontum crowd from another Kontumer during the period 7/67 - 7/68. I was one of the spooks who lived down town at the CRD house and this house was one of the first casulties of the Tet offensive. We were hit with satchel charges at approx. 0130. My collegue, Gunner Nelson and I survived the hit and later, when the Headhunters got airborne, we were reported DOA as there were lots of bodies in our yard. Fortunately I had good "Yards" who had lots of weapons and they all survived but the several NVA did not. I eventually got back to the MACV compound with Gunner and the Sector chief gave me a twx from my boss in Can Ran wanting to know the circumstances of our death. We eventually got a new house near the airport (big yellow place with a VERY LARGE BUNKER in the front yard. Have tracked down Dave Fahrenback and am looking for Rocket Romero but his email is no good. Any one know where he is? Have lots of pictures and have sent to Chuck Meyers and maybe they will get on the net. Lots of memories---mess hall getting a direct delivery of food and ammo from a C123 furing Tet, Crispie Critters hanging on the fence in town. Also remember a FAC (old guy with grey hair) who had his commo jeep swipped from the MACV compound and he launched his group and they found a FOB2 group in the woods painting it black. Would enjoy hearing from anyone from that era. Tom Olander 5277 Ellicott Drive, Centreville, VA 20120 (703) 266-9531.

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Centreville, VA usa - Saturday, August 12, 2006 at 09:04:18 (PDT)

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