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These selected articles from the PACIFIC STARS and STRIPES newspapers for the period April 1972 through June 1972, are intended to provide a more complete picture of what was happening during the battle. It is difficult to recreate the "climate" of the times or the "feel" and emotions generated by the events of that battle. These articles capture the day-to-day sense of what was happening and provide insights not available through other sources. As a two-year veteran of the Vietnam War, I, along with my fellow soldiers, truly appreciated the PACIFIC STARS and STRIPES Newspaper that provided news of "home" as well as news of the "war." I am especially appreciative to Mr. Max D. Lederer, Jr. General Manager, European - Pacific Stars and Stripes, for granting me permission to reprint these articles on this web site. This material is not to be reused commercially and is intended for my personal use and for reference on this, my web site, for The Battle of Kontum.

Additional Vietnam War related STARS and STRIPES articles for this time period are also being placed online. These additional articles, which cover events outside of the battle area, are being added to help place the events of this battle within the context of their day.

The Stars and Stripes articles that are contained within the Battle of Kontum web site are searchable using the Pacific Stars and Stripes Search

  Index of Articles
Monday, April 330,000 'Invaders' Hurl Back S. Viets
Monday, April 3Acid Test Of Vietnamization Shapes Up Along The DMZ
Monday, April 3ARVN Kills 87 After Red Attack
Monday, April 3Battles Seen As Big Test
Monday, April 17Reds Paid High Price For Base, Adviser Says
Monday, April 24North Viets Overrun Base, Cut Highway In Highlands
Wednesday, April 26Highlands Staggering Under NVA Assault
Wednesday, April 26Helo's Angels Save 9 Advisers
Wednesday, April 26Viets Pull Back Under Red Push
Thursday, April 27N. Viets March Toward Showdown
Thursday, April 2710 Yanks Reported Killed In Helo
Thursday, April 273rd Time's A Charm As Captain Escapes
Friday, April 28Nixon: Won't Halt Bombing
Friday, April 28Red Drive Slowed In Viet Highlands
Friday, April 28Adviser: Red Tide To Hit Kontum City
Friday, April 28Refugees: Down The Road To Nowhere
Friday, April 28Advisers Protest Orders To Quit Menaced Bases
Friday, April 28Text Of Nixon Talk To Nation On Viet War
Sunday, April 30Nixon Refused To Hit DMZ Buildup
Sunday, April 30Red Tanks, Troops Near Kontum
Sunday, April 30To Flee Or Not Flee Imperiled Kontum?
Wednesday, May 3Doc Grandma Plots Return To Highlands
Thursday, May 4Refugees Moved To Pleiku
Friday, May 5Kontum: They Say Get Out
Sunday, May 7Advisers: Ready To Stay, Die
Sunday, May 7Highlands Fighting Flares Over Vital Highway Link
Friday, May 12Another Top General Fired By Thieu
Friday, May 12Fire Base Hit As War Sneaks Up On Pleiku
Friday, May 122 French Priests Reported Crucified By Communists
Saturday, May 13They 'Have To Get Out' Of Imperiled Kontum
Sunday, May 14Order Yanks From Pleiku
Thursday, May 18Adviser Reports B52 Helped Cripple 2 NVA Divisions
Friday, May 19Viets Push Open Highlands Link
Tuesday, May 23Yanks Patrol The Pleiku Bush -And Ask Themselves Why
Tuesday, May 23Fliers Keep On Trucking
Friday, May 26Ups and Downs of Flying
Saturday, May 27Reds Beaten Back At Kontum
Saturday, May 27Viet Sgt. Escapes From Reds After 2 Weeks Of Driving Bus
Wednesday, May 31Viets Take Most Of Kontum As Reds Appear In Retreat
Wednesday, May 31Hospital Spared By Reds
Thursday, June 1Thieu Looks On As Viet Tanks Tackle Reds Inside Kontum
Friday, June 2Viets Win Part Of Kontum
Friday, June 9Bombers Put A Change In Reds' Plans At Kontum
Sunday, June 11Helo Crash Kills John Paul Vann
Sunday, June 11Vann Was A Legend With 9 Lives
Monday, June 12Americans In S. Vietnam Mourn Loss Of John Vann
Monday, June 12Epitaph For Vann: He Saw The Truth And Spoke It
Monday, June 12Westy Mourns John Vann
Sunday, June 18The Strength And Weakness Of The ARVN
Sunday, June 18Nixon Awards Vann Medal Of Freedom
Tuesday, June 20Saigon Consensus: Red Drive A Flop
Tuesday, June 20Red Tank Losses Heavy

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