Setting the Record Straight

An Invitation to Vietnam Veterans

Dear Vietnam Veteran,

I have started a project for Vietnam Veterans to adopt a high school to "Set the Record Straight" on the Vietnam War. There is a wonderful documentary called "The Long Way Home Project." It is a four-part video documentary series either in VHS or DVD formats that I read about in the March 2003 VFW magazine. It is a very professional, well done award-winning documentary that tells a powerful story of our involvement in the Vietnam War. It is a story I am proud of.

I have donated a copy of "The Long Way Home Project" documentary to one of our local high schools and offer my services, as a volunteer and a veteran of the Vietnam War, to the history teachers of that school. My hope is that I can interest other Vietnam veterans in this effort who would be willing to serve as volunteer consultants for history teachers in our high schools. I also hope that these veterans will be willing to donate a copy of the documentary series and instructional material to the school.

I want my grandchildren to know the "true story" and this award-winning documentary is the best I've seen. I am tired of the negative, misleading "story" that has been out there for far too long on what the war was about and what we did. For more information on this documentary, visit the "The Long Way Home Project" web site. Let me know if you are interested in joining us in our effort to "Set The Record Straight."

Thank you for your support and Welcome Home!

John G. "Jack" Heslin
Vietnam War Veteran
'67 - '68 & '71 - '72

910-579-1787 or 804-586-3369