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Posted by Lita Bitterman on 04:49:52 07/23/11

Both of my parents; served in "World War II", is a site, "created for all Heros of this War" ? My Mom; was a Nurse, my Dad did Radio Programs ..They never spoke; of this war, they both served.. All I have are 2 Burial spots; I visit, with Great Love and tears.
My Dear Friend; "Ronald Wilson", Such A "Beautiful Tribute".. Not only to My Parents; a huge "Shout-out" to "Ronald Wilson", he survived a "mine blow up"..
"William Page"; survived whole, as his Bro "Glenn did"..I Thank God Every Day; they survived,each touched my Life.. Ronald is a Friend; I will have forever; Glenn & William Page, I Do Not Know.. Maybe 1 day; WP will Express, what He feels,etc... Ronald is a "Miracle I Treasure Forever"; he is my "Best Friend",EVER..I am going deaf; I Truly Would Love,"to hear each voice 1-
One More Time"..That is a gift; they can Give Me, but Will they ? I Truly Care ...
I know many war families; would Love to have "All the Truth Above"..
Only if each and Every Love One; WOULD JUST COME HOME, to the Families who LOVE THEM..
It's Amazing what "Our War Heros"; can Survive in War, being injured,etc...We ALL Need Hugs and Snugs; Our Heros need to, Come Home.. They need; the Touches of Family, MORE than WE can ever Imagine..
They Need LOVE; someone else who under-stands, what each has gone through and perhaps Therapy......SEND OUR TROOPS HOME; END this WAR, FOR the LOVE ONES. Because that IS A PROMISE; this President,

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