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Posted by Jack Heslin on 15:18:54 07/20/22

Is there a much larger struggle going on not captured in the geopolitical narratives of the day?

As we watch the unfolding of the conflict in Europe it is becoming increasingly obvious that the conflict is not only defined by a military and economic struggle, but it also has a significant cultural component not being talked about. Are we watching a shift in who are the guarantors of the Judeo / Christian Western Culture?

The struggle of traditional Christian values against the post-Christian values in Europe has led to discord within the European Union as dictates from the EU leadership put pressure on member countries to conform. In the post-Soviet era, formerly East European countries, such as Poland and Hungary, are being pressured to renounce long held Christian values or suffer the economic consequences for not complying. In the West, we have been watching the decades-long slide away from once held core Christian values as Globalists push hard to move the Collective West away from a God centered culture. In Europe, the churches are emptying, and the mosques are filling. It is axiomatic that a spiritual vacuum will be filled by stronger belief systems, even if they are false / pseudo religions such as those embraced by the Greens .

One might argue that the old Soviet Union had embraced a Communist ideology which, in some ways, took the place of religion. It seems that the new Green ideology has become the new religion growing in the West.

As Ukraine moved under the influence of Western European culture it appears a fault line was forming between those Ukraine people who wanted to embrace the values of the West and those who preferred the traditional values more aligned with those currently found in Russia.

America is also moving rapidly toward a post-Christian culture. The number of Americans who now report they are nons , that is, non-church goers, is growing rapidly. Traditional Judeo / Christian values are under assault and a nation founded on those values is now abandoning them quickly. The large coastal states of California, Oregon, Washington and much of New England are embracing values much closer to those of Europe than of an earlier time in America.

America is now having difficulty recruiting into a military that more and more rejects the traditional values of a large population who live mostly in the Southern and mid-Western states. Entry standards into military service are being lowered to meet difficult to fill quotas. As military weapon systems are becoming more and more technical, requiring a higher degree of understanding of complex systems, the educational entry level standards are being lowered. The long-term consequences to military capabilities are obvious to anyone who is looking. The question is, will America be forced to reinstate the draft?

There are those who seek to use the military as a place to experiment with social engineering and de-emphasize the true warrior values needed to succeed in combat. This seems to be happening more in the Western military organizations than in Russia, China or many other countries who clearly understand the consequences of such disastrous policies.

With the ongoing Ukraine / NATO Russia conflict one has to wonder if there is not more at stake here than the resolution of a border dispute. Are we watching the tectonic shifting of who is the true guarantor of Judeo / Christian traditions move East to Russia?

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