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Wayne Sircoulomb   

67th Evac Hosp in Pleiku during the Battle of Kontum

I was in the 67th Evac Hosp in Pleiku during the Battle of Kontum. I was there when John Paul Vann died and helped remove a bullet from LTC Gannon's arm. We called him Gannon Colonel Bear because of his size and the roar he gave when he came out of the anaesthetic we gave him. I was there to the bitter end when we abandoned the compound about 45 days after the peace treaty. I also spoke to Neil Sheehan after Vann was killed. I met him on the sidewalk near the hospital and spoke to him for just a few minutes. He wanted to know what the average soldier thought about Vann. Our commander told us to speak freely and honestly to Sheehan.

Wayne Sircoulomb <>
Wichita, KS USA - Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 08:09:38 (PDT)

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