Sunday, May 14, 1972

Order Yanks From Pleiku

SAIGON (AP) --United States officials have ordered the pullout of an unspecified number of Americans from Pleiku in anticipation of further fighting in South Vietnam's central highlands, military sources said Friday.

There are some 2,000 Americans in Pleiku. The city is 27 miles south of Kontum, considered to be the next target of North Vietnamese forces in the highlands, but some officials have said that both cities might be attacked simultaneously.

The American withdrawn include "non-essential" persons such as clerks, nurses and supply workers the sources said.

"Order Yanks From Pleiku"", by Saigon (AP), published in the Pacific Stars and Stripes on Sunday, May 14, 1972 and reprinted from European and Pacific Stars and Stripes, a Department of Defense publication copyright, 2002 European and Pacific Stars and Stripes.
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