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Advisory Team 33 (23rd ARVN Division) / Battle of Kontum reunion was held in Denver, CO the weekend of 18-21 April 2008. Denver was selected because of the number of Team 33 members who live in or travel to Colorado, because it is centrally located (compared to either coast), and because of the willingness of former Advisor Team 33 advisors Jack Finch (former G-3 air advisor) and Ray Hall (former signal advisor) who live in Colorado, to make some of the necessary arrangements.

The reunion was held at the La Quinta Inn & Suites, Denver Airport DIA, 6801 Tower Road, Denver, CO. Participants brought "Show and Tell" items such as maps, photos, or slides.

The reunion was very successful by any measure - Team members and guests had an opportunity to meet again after 36 years to share stories and share memories from the 1972 Battle of Kontum. Those who participated are listed below. We have included on this site pictures from the reunion and a discussion / comment section. Thanks to all who participated and we hope that we have an opportunity to do this again.