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These are the maps I used when I briefed The Battle of Kontum in the summer of 1972. I taped the maps together and posted them to a wall in the 17th CAB conference room. I placed the marks on them indicating direction of attack and dates as a point of reference for those briefings. For the interested reader, I thought having these maps available would provide an additional level of detail, which might be helpful.

The map files are somewhat large, approximately 900k each and are supported by a navigational system, the genius of which words cannot begin to describe.

An indication of the location for Fire Support Base Charlie has been placed on our map sheet for Rocket Ridge. The location has been plotted using the best available information we have. The location we posted matches the information provided by John Duffy ZB001107 who was at FSB Charlie during the battle. In this addition to our Map Room, our web master has provided an interesting method for searching the Rocket Ridge map sheet for specific coordinates and viewing the terrain with alternative map views. Using this tool and the mouse for searching map coordinates the map location for FSB Charlie would be X=679 and Y=444.

If you have questions about the methodology used on the web site please contact our web master George Williams.